Thursday, April 21, 2011

Convenience + Value = EXPRESS!

Recently we learnt that some of our clients are not able to invest necessary time in getting body-measured for a new shirt. So, we came up with an innovative way to address this concern!

TailorGuys now offers clients an EXPRESS service! How does this work?
1- Client drops off shirts for dry cleaning. He points out his best fitting shirt to the fitter and chooses the fabric he likes from the in-store catalogs, highlights options he’d like and leave contact information with the fitter.
2- Fitter then captures the appropriate measurements from the pre-selected shirt and submits order for processing!

There’s no change in the payment model – this all takes place online.

In six weeks, the order is fulfilled when the client is notified and he can pick it up from the ordering site at his convenience – just as he would pickup his dry cleaning when ready – with the exception of paying the fitter. No money changes hand at the ordering site.

Come and visit Liz at our flagship location – Pamper Cleaners, Scotiabank Building, 145 King Street West, Concourse Level, Toronto ON M5H 1J8

New catalogs are setup!

Do you think we should extend the EXPRESS ordering to all locations?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2nd Anniversary Sale

2011 is TailorGuys 2nd full year in business and we're offering an unbelievable 2nd Anniversary Sale - 2 Everyday line of shirts for $100 !!

New fabric samples are in and stores are ready to go!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Permanent or Rotational?

Since the recent media release in Toronto (specifically on Sep 13, 2010), we had an influx of inquiries. The most common question asked is whether or not the locations mentioned are permanent or rotational.

Answer: Our locations noted are permanent!

That's the beauty of our service. We provide a true touch-n-feel approach to ordering a personalized made-to-measure shirt, with a secure payment option. Drop in at one of our six
locations and find out yourself.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's All About Convenience

As our client base grows, so do the demands for more convenient locations across GTA. By demand, we have a NEW location at Bloor - Yorkville.

APHRODITES . 9 Yorkville Avenue . 416-944-3458
(Yorkville & Yonge - On Yorkville across from the Toronto Central Library on Yonge).

Yup, that's 5 convenient locations across GTA to serve you.
Michelle is the fit consultant whom you can work with for getting property fitted and measured. Our catalogs of new fabric have been setup at Aphrodite.

How does it work? PICK - MEASURE - PAY
You can either call (416-944-3458) or visit Michelle for your appointment. She also has a sample shirt to give you a touch-n-feel experience for the end product.

At TG, we take pride when our clients demand more convenience.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Featuring our College Park location - Total Corporate Care

TailorGuys announces another authorized location - Total Corporate Care - at 777 Bay Street (at College – C
ollege Park
- in the concourse by Grand and Toy).

Tina, is our Fit Consultant who will measure you onsite, show you the 120+ fabric selections and consult with you on style. Tina will help pick the right combination of styles and help fill-out the order form (By the way, there are over 40 unique styles to choose from!). Voila! You're Done!

Here's how it works:
1.) Either call Tina to setup an appointment - 416-913-0216 – or just drop-by
2.) PICK from our Style book and Fabric catalogue
3.) MEASURE by our Fit Consultant,
Liz or bring your favorite fitting shirt
4.) PAY Receive an email requesting payment from Paypal within 24hrs of your order.
5.) We will notify you once your order is ready for pickup within 4-6 weeks!

We suggest you call Tina first to ensure she allocates time for your visit without interruptions. She is available Mon-Sat during regular business hours. By they way, ask Tina for the sample shirt she has onsite to give you an idea on quality.

Tina and the TailorGuys team are very excited about this new announcement. Drop-by and say 'Hi' to Tina!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"What makes you different from the other guys?"

“What makes you different from the other guys”, was the question I was asked. What a great question, I thought.

Too many start-ups, like us, are popping up in the custom, made-to-measure garment space. We have more choice and options to choose from than we really care, but numerous companies are provided either a fully online experience while others provide a hands-on buying experience, with a rather ridiculous wait time to get the order while having to pay more at time of delivery.

So, what does make TailorGuys different?

TailorGuys provides a true blended buying experience where our clients
get to touch and feel the richness of the fabric when ordering while
getting professionally fitted and measured at one of our conveniently
located authorized ordering centers across GTA.

Once the order is in place, our clients go through the transaction
process online dealing directly with TailorGuys and receive the order
within six weeks when they pick it up from the ordering center –
providing a true old world quality with a new world buying experience.

Our clients pay what they see, in that, there are no hidden or extra
costs. Applicable taxes are added to the order and there are no
shipping or customs costs added. Prices are all inclusive.

With the advent of convenient ordering centers across the GTA, our
clients can order shirts at anytime in the year when most convenient
for them rather than having to wait for traveling professionals or
taking chances on self-measuring with online outfits. We take the
guesswork out of the equation while providing easiest, quickest and
most convenient buying experience of high quality custom
made-to-measure dress shirts for men.

TailorGuys are very different from the other guys.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4 simple rules for guys on a golf course when it comes to your attire:

The golf season is on! So, what is the attire etiquette for guys?

We often see guys wearing shorts, t-shirts, crew-necks, shirts, linen pants, khakis; I’ve also seen jeans!

I guess these options may be fine if you’re hanging around on a city course with your buddies, but what about when you’re out with a client or a business partner, or a potential employer?

Here are 4 simple, basic rules that will always keep you out of the ‘rough’ with the Marshal:

1- Golf shirt with collars.

This can be short or long sleeved. You want to wear a shirt that does not have slogans and/or offensive prints on them. On cooler days, you can also throw on a light sweater or a vest. I wear a linen shirt on warm days and keep a light wind jacket with me for cooler holes.

2- Pants

Khakis are fine with plain bottoms (no cuffs). Most golfers don’t like cuffs on the course as they catch grass clippings and does not look neat. Plaid pants are fine too, but be prepared to get a second look. If you don’t want to draw attention then stay away from them.

You can also wear shorts for those super hot days, but wear dress shorts (with belt). Stay away from surfer shorts and/or gym shorts. And stay away from jeans! This is un-cool. Also, wear a belt (leather, not those canvas/denim ones) that matches your shoes.

I wear either khakis when the need for full pants is required or Gap dress shorts – both with belt that match my shoes.

3- Shoes.

Wear proper golf shoes. These are not as expensive as you may think and are worth every penny. I bought mine for $40 about 3 years ago that are still going strong. Get ones with either rubber or plastic spikes. Metal spikes damage the course.

You have got to stay away from sneakers, runners, loafers, dress shoes (yep, I said dress shoes – you’ll be surprised!), sandals and slippers!!

4- Have a hat with you too.

You can wear any type of hat: baseball, running, visors and even straw hats (for the more ‘sophisticated’ or ‘aristocratic’ look - why not).

Finally, be sure to be coordinated. Too much plaid and you’ll be distracting to other players. If your game is not up to snuff, then you risk building a reputation you may not want.

If you see pro-golfers on TV, you’ll see most are well coordinated and wear colors that are not offensive (neutral, everyday colors).

Happy golfing!