Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"What makes you different from the other guys?"

“What makes you different from the other guys”, was the question I was asked. What a great question, I thought.

Too many start-ups, like us, are popping up in the custom, made-to-measure garment space. We have more choice and options to choose from than we really care, but numerous companies are provided either a fully online experience while others provide a hands-on buying experience, with a rather ridiculous wait time to get the order while having to pay more at time of delivery.

So, what does make TailorGuys different?

TailorGuys provides a true blended buying experience where our clients
get to touch and feel the richness of the fabric when ordering while
getting professionally fitted and measured at one of our conveniently
located authorized ordering centers across GTA.

Once the order is in place, our clients go through the transaction
process online dealing directly with TailorGuys and receive the order
within six weeks when they pick it up from the ordering center –
providing a true old world quality with a new world buying experience.

Our clients pay what they see, in that, there are no hidden or extra
costs. Applicable taxes are added to the order and there are no
shipping or customs costs added. Prices are all inclusive.

With the advent of convenient ordering centers across the GTA, our
clients can order shirts at anytime in the year when most convenient
for them rather than having to wait for traveling professionals or
taking chances on self-measuring with online outfits. We take the
guesswork out of the equation while providing easiest, quickest and
most convenient buying experience of high quality custom
made-to-measure dress shirts for men.

TailorGuys are very different from the other guys.

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