Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4 simple rules for guys on a golf course when it comes to your attire:

The golf season is on! So, what is the attire etiquette for guys?

We often see guys wearing shorts, t-shirts, crew-necks, shirts, linen pants, khakis; I’ve also seen jeans!

I guess these options may be fine if you’re hanging around on a city course with your buddies, but what about when you’re out with a client or a business partner, or a potential employer?

Here are 4 simple, basic rules that will always keep you out of the ‘rough’ with the Marshal:

1- Golf shirt with collars.

This can be short or long sleeved. You want to wear a shirt that does not have slogans and/or offensive prints on them. On cooler days, you can also throw on a light sweater or a vest. I wear a linen shirt on warm days and keep a light wind jacket with me for cooler holes.

2- Pants

Khakis are fine with plain bottoms (no cuffs). Most golfers don’t like cuffs on the course as they catch grass clippings and does not look neat. Plaid pants are fine too, but be prepared to get a second look. If you don’t want to draw attention then stay away from them.

You can also wear shorts for those super hot days, but wear dress shorts (with belt). Stay away from surfer shorts and/or gym shorts. And stay away from jeans! This is un-cool. Also, wear a belt (leather, not those canvas/denim ones) that matches your shoes.

I wear either khakis when the need for full pants is required or Gap dress shorts – both with belt that match my shoes.

3- Shoes.

Wear proper golf shoes. These are not as expensive as you may think and are worth every penny. I bought mine for $40 about 3 years ago that are still going strong. Get ones with either rubber or plastic spikes. Metal spikes damage the course.

You have got to stay away from sneakers, runners, loafers, dress shoes (yep, I said dress shoes – you’ll be surprised!), sandals and slippers!!

4- Have a hat with you too.

You can wear any type of hat: baseball, running, visors and even straw hats (for the more ‘sophisticated’ or ‘aristocratic’ look - why not).

Finally, be sure to be coordinated. Too much plaid and you’ll be distracting to other players. If your game is not up to snuff, then you risk building a reputation you may not want.

If you see pro-golfers on TV, you’ll see most are well coordinated and wear colors that are not offensive (neutral, everyday colors).

Happy golfing!

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