Thursday, April 21, 2011

Convenience + Value = EXPRESS!

Recently we learnt that some of our clients are not able to invest necessary time in getting body-measured for a new shirt. So, we came up with an innovative way to address this concern!

TailorGuys now offers clients an EXPRESS service! How does this work?
1- Client drops off shirts for dry cleaning. He points out his best fitting shirt to the fitter and chooses the fabric he likes from the in-store catalogs, highlights options he’d like and leave contact information with the fitter.
2- Fitter then captures the appropriate measurements from the pre-selected shirt and submits order for processing!

There’s no change in the payment model – this all takes place online.

In six weeks, the order is fulfilled when the client is notified and he can pick it up from the ordering site at his convenience – just as he would pickup his dry cleaning when ready – with the exception of paying the fitter. No money changes hand at the ordering site.

Come and visit Liz at our flagship location – Pamper Cleaners, Scotiabank Building, 145 King Street West, Concourse Level, Toronto ON M5H 1J8

New catalogs are setup!

Do you think we should extend the EXPRESS ordering to all locations?

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